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  • Obamacare Fight Lands in Michigan

    Posted by Adam Andrews on August 13, 2013

    Michigan is shaping up to be a major factor in the success of Obamacare as the state exchanges prepare to open on October 1. One of the major indicators of the law’s success will be whether or not people use the exchanges to enroll in insurance policies.

    Both Democrats and Republicans are targeting Michigan in an attempt to sway people toward or away from the exchanges. Democrat organizations are attempting to educate residents on the law and the use of the state’s insurance exchange, while Republicans are holding public events and running television commercials to dissuade people from supporting the plan.

    Michigan is already in a battle over whether or not to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Even though the Republican-controlled House voted to allow the expansion and Republican Governor Rick Snyder also supports the measure, Senate Republicans have so far blocked it from passing. The expansion would provide coverage to an additional 500,000 Michigan residents.

    A main goal of the ACA is to provide millions of Americans with health insurance by offering federal subsidies to help pay for private-insurance premiums and expanding Medicaid. If the plan fails in Michigan, it is likely to fail in other states as well.  If this happens, it will confirm Republicans’ claims that Americans would rather not have government in their healthcare.

    Meanwhile, efforts are underway in the state to reach out to Michigan residents and educate them about how the exchange will work. Many volunteers with Enroll America, a national non-profit organization, are going door-to-door, attending local fairs and making other public appearances to help people understand their options when open enrollment begins on October 1.

    Read more at Detroit News.

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